Planning Your Family Pictures

Family Portrait of siblings in coordinating blue, pink, and white outfits standing in front of wall of greenery in Longview, TX

Planning for family pictures can feel challenging, and even stressful at times.  Don’t let it!  My family portrait sessions are fun, laid back, and designed to tell your story.  Here are a few key tips to take the stress off and help you to plan for fantastic family photos.

What to Wear for for Family Pictures

The hardest part about planning for family pictures can be deciding what to wear.  I have a few tips and tricks to help take the pressure off and make the process fun!

First, start with mom.  Moms are usually the photographer and rarely get a chance to be in family pictures!  Find an outfit that makes mom feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful.  After mom has selected her outfit, use it as the starting point for your color palette.

Choose a color palette of 3 to 4 colors.  Think about your home and where you plan to display your family photographs.  Pick outfits that compliment your color scheme as well as compliment each other.  Keep it interesting by coordinating instead of perfectly matching.

Adding texture with layers, mixing prints, simple jewelry, and manicured nails can help to create a polished look.  Avoid tight clothing, large logos, and bold crazy prints (Unless bold crazy prints are your thing).  You should be the “Star of the Show,” not your outfit.

Picking the Perfect Location for Your Family Photos

Location is everything!  Lucky for you, picking the perfect location for your family pictures is part of my job.  Once you book a family portrait session with me, I will work with you to select just the right location for your family session.

I have access to a variety of locations that make beautiful backdrops for preserving family memories.  I also enjoy scouting new locations, as well as using places that are sentimental to my clients.  Not sure what you want?  I can help with that too!


Family picture of family in coordinating summer wardrobe standing in open field at sunset

The Day of

I strive to make family pictures fun and stress free.  Here are a few tips that can help us both to accomplish this the day of your session:

  • Have all outfits, shoes, and accessories laid out, ironed/ steamed, and ready the night before.
  • Professional hair, makeup, and nails help to achieve a polished look.  Schedule these appointments early enough to ensure that you will not feel rushed.
  • Self tanners are not recommended.  They can make your skin tone appear uneven/ orange and unnatural in photographs.
  • A small snack/ meal right before your session is always good for children.
  • Please arrive a just a few minutes before your scheduled session.
  • Don’t stress!  Photographs are about preserving memories, not perfection.  
  • If you have young children, bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  This can provide comfort and be used to get their attention.  It also makes for a priceless memory.
  • Above all, breathe and enjoy the moment!



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