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Senior girl in black shirt, letterman jacket, and jeans leaning on wall in Gladewater, TX recording studio

Planning for Your Senior Session

Tell me about yourself! What are your hobbies? Where is your favorite place to be? What are your future plans? Are you adventurous? Do you love the city? Are you a nature lover? I want to know it all! Your senior/graduate portraits should be personal. I want to completely encapsulate your personality and the things that you love within your senior photographs.

Let’s talk about hobbies. Whether you play sports, love the theatre, are in the band, or love to read, your hobbies are a part of what makes you, you! So, let’s talk about and capture them in the best way possible. If you have any awards or medals you are proud of, let’s show those off too! Basketballs, baseballs, track medals, books, cars, band instruments, and letterman jackets are all personal interests that can be easily incorporated into your senior portrait session. Incorporating your hobbies into your session will make your senior portraits more meaningful to your future self. Looking back on them, you will remember what you looked like in high school/ college and what was important to you during that time.

Okay, maybe you want to include your hobbies, and perhaps you don’t, but what about your favorite place? I’m not talking about your favorite “pretty” place to take pictures, although that can be great too, but rather your favorite spot. Where do you spend all of your time? If it’s in the library, perfect, let’s shoot there. If it’s on the baseball field, I love that! Even if it’s at the local Whataburger, let’s do it! Photographing you at your favorite spot will make you feel more comfortable and further showcase your personality. Your senior/graduate photoshoot is about you, so let’s do what makes you happy!

If you still have no idea what you want your senior photoshoot to include, let’s talk about your plans. Your future plans can be incorporated into your senior session with ease. If you plan on continuing your education and already know where you want to attend, bring a school shirt or your acceptance letter. Maybe you want to be a lawyer. Let’s take pictures on the steps of the courthouse. The possibilities are endless! If you can imagine it, we can do it. Your family, and I, are proud of you for making it this far, so let’s celebrate your accomplishments, current and future, throughout your session.

Long story short, your senior portrait experience should be all about you and the things you love. I want you to have fun during this monumental time and enjoy the whole senior experience. Tell me about yourself, so that we can plan a fun and exciting experience catered personally to you! Let’s chat!

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