Preparing for your Senior Session- Shopping!

senior photograph of 2023 graduate on downtown East Texas rooftop

Senior year can be challenging, especially once “senioritis” creeps in. However, your senior portrait experience should be way easier than the mound of school work you have acquired or the multiple of decisions you must make about your future. Ready to plan your senior photography session? I am here to help!

Let’s talk Clothes! Outfits are essential and allow you to express your personality in your senior photos. As a mother of a senior girl, I know how stressful it can be to find “the perfect outfit.” I have a few suggestions to help you find your groove so that you can “strut your stuff“ confidently during your senior photography session.

My first advice is to check out your local boutiques. Shopping at local boutiques can be a fun way to find unique clothing that suit your personality and style. Some of the local boutiques in the Longview, Texas area, that my daughter and I love are River Outfitters, Hurwitz, Trendy Chicks, Krush, and That Girl’s Boutique. While shopping at each of these boutiques, you will be met with friendly faces who offer style advice and make your shopping experience fun, stress free, and exciting.

Now that you know what type of stores I use to create a more personal and exciting shopping trip, let’s talk about prices. Boutiques have many positive attributes, but one of the negative aspects is that clothing sold at boutiques can often be a little pricey compared to commercial retailers. So, start shopping early! By not waiting until the last minute to find the perfect senior outfits, you will be less stressed while shopping and more likely to find geat deals. Our local boutiques, River Outfitters, to be specific, hold “tent sales” at the end of each season. These sales allow stores to make room for new clothes while enabling you to “stock up” your closet without breaking the bank.

Now that I have told you my secret to finding cute and unique clothing items for senior photo sessions, it is time for you to get out and shop! The more fun you have while shopping and preparing, the more fun your overall senior experience will be.

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