What to Wear and How to Plan for Maternity Pictures

maternity picture of momma's baby bump

Looking to schedule maternity pictures? I’d love to help!  There is no better way to celebrate your pregnancy than a maternity portrait session!  Maternity pictures document your motherhood journey, preserve your memories, and leave you with beautiful images for years to come.  Planning for maternity pictures can feel overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be!  Here are a few tips to help make the planning process easy and fun.

Maternity portrait of Hallsville, TX mother

Tips to Ensure that you Have the Ultimate Maternity Experience

Scheduling is key!  Maternity sessions should be scheduled early.  This ensures that you are able to book an appointment at around 30-35 weeks gestation.  30-35 weeks is the perfect time to show off that beautiful baby bump, and prevent you from missing the opportunity if you were to deliver before your due date.

What to Wear for Maternity Pictures

Think about where you want to display your maternity pictures in your home.  Pick outfits that compliment your color palette, show your personality, and above all make you feel beautiful. When booking a maternity session with me, I offer a free consult to help guide you along the way as you begin to plan.

When in doubt, stick to neutrals.  A neutral color palette not only photographs well, but also ensures that you remain the star of the show (Instead of your outfit).

Adding a bit of sentiment is a nice touch too!  Consider bringing something sentimental to your photography session.  Examples include a bouquet of your favorite flowers, your wedding veil, or a few of your sonogram pictures.

maternity picture of momma's baby bump

Maternity Picture Locations

Location is everything!  Lucky for you, picking the perfect location for your maternity pictures is part of my job.  After booking your maternity session with me, I will work with you to select just the right location for your maternity portraits.

I have access to a variety of locations that make beautiful backdrops for the ultimate maternity experience.  I also enjoy scouting new locations, as well as using places that are sentimental to my clients.  Not sure what you want?  I can help with that too!

The Day of Your Maternity Picture

My maternity sessions are fun and stress free.  Here are a few tips that can help us both to accomplish this the day of your session:

  • Plan to arrive a few minutes early.
  • Professional hair, makeup, and nails help to achieve a polished look.  Schedule these appointments early enough to ensure that you will not feel rushed.
  • Self tanners are not recommended.  They can make your skin tone appear uneven/ orange and unnatural in photographs.
  • Have all outfits, shoes, and accessories laid out, ironed/steamed, and ready the night before.
  • Have a small snack/meal right before your session.
  • A bottle of water, lip gloss/powder for touch ups, and a comb/brush can be helpful to have on hand
  • Don’t stress!  Photographs are about preserving memories, not perfection.  
  • Above all, breathe and enjoy the moment!

maternity picture of expecting mother in black long for fitting dress.

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